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March 11, 2009

Duncan and Killian peer through the redbuds looking innocent. "Honestly, we didn't knock over the hay feeder!"

It was very windy.

Notice Duncan calmly eating dinner in the paddock, while the wind whipped that tarp right beside him. I love drafties!


Christmas Eve, 2008.

Horses are waiting for their pedicure...




Coconut relaxes while her feet are done.

Drafty butt! Duncan our young Clyde.

Sharing hay, Killian and Mithril

Cricket, looking very pretty in her new pink halter.

First Snow!

Saturday we rode at Jug Bay/Patuxent Wildlife Refuge. Wonderful ride! Took some photos as we waited for everyone else to get there.

Mithril was very concerned about some hikers in the distance.

Still keeping guard, even though some hikers stopped to pet him.

Shadow, however, was not concerned.

We saddled up, headed out, and I took my camera, but totally forgot to take any photos. Next time..

Drafty slide show.


Photos from the barn today. August 3, 08. First we have Shadow, my TWH mare. She is 22 years old. This is what an 'older' horse should look like, just in case someone tried to tell you a horse is skinny because it is 'Old'.

Next we have my 14 month old MFT colt Killian, getting a lesson from my husband Bill. FYI Bill has on the hat. LOL! Killian's life has taken a turn for the worse lately. It seems Rocket Man has realized if he goes up to Killian, his mom Cricket will chase and bite Killian to keep him away. Yes we have seen Rocket Man CORNER Killian in the barn just so mom will come pulverize him. All of you who have younger sibling will know exactly how he feels! At first Killian wanted to play with Rocket Man, and was sooo very gentle with the baby! Now, he avoids him like the plague.

Click on the photos below to view the albums.

Rocket Man grows up. mom leaves for training.

Welcome to our new baby! Our Morgan mare, Pleasantviews Chances "Cricket" had a gorgeous solid black colt on July10,08. Since he rocketed around the pasture after mom, not wanting to be caught for the vet, he is for now "Rocket Man." Just look at those tiny little hook ears!

8 hours old

Patapsco trail ride, Sunday 7-6-08 click on photo to see album.

Killian plays soccer!


Click on Mithril's photo to see our ride on the beach!

Johnny Cash, first day

A day at the barn -2

March ride Gunpowder

Feb 8 ride Savage Park

Feb 2 ride Little Bennett Park

A Day at the barn

Christmas ride Annapolis Rock


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