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Greenwell State Park
25420 Rosedale Manor Lane
Hollywood MD 20636
(301) 373-2320
Located in Southern Maryland, take Route 235 towards Hollywood. Turn on to Route 245 East (Sotterley Gate Road) and
travel 2.5 miles. Make a right on to Steerhorn Neck Road. The park entrance is the second drive on the left (approximately
8/10 of a mile).
Blue Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy
Passage to the blue trail (1.75 miles) requires use of the Gray Access Trail. The Gray Access is approximately .45 miles
through the soy fields. From the Gray Access Trail, the Blue Trail turns right and travels into an open crop field. A grassy
path loops around the edge of the field with forest on one side. Through the trees, you may view the Patuxent River. While
on the trail, you may see wildlife such as ground hogs, song birds, and white tailed deer. Horses, mountain bikes, and
hikers are welcome.
Red Trail - Difficulty Level: Moderate
From the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles), turn to the left for the Red Trail which stretches .73 miles. It travels mainly through
deciduous forest. Keep an eye out for a family of gray squirrels hopping through White Oak and Red Maple trees. This
trail is suitable for hikers, mountain bikers, and horses.
Yellow Trail - Difficulty Level: Easy
The Yellow Trail (1.15 miles) is accessed by following the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles) and part of the Red Trail. It veers
to the left of the Red Trail. While traveling the trail, a grassy field is to your left. This field is home to mice, moles, ground
hogs and rabbits. On your right, an inviting forest is filled with raccoons, owls and American Holly trees. Hikers, horses
and mountain bikers are permitted.
White Trail - Difficulty Level: Moderate
The White Trail requires passage along the Gray Access Trail (.45 miles), and across Steer Horn Neck Road. This trail is
predominantly a hardwood forest. You will find a variety of vegetation such as American Beech, Red Oak, Spice Bush,
Mountain Laurel, and many types of grasses. At one point, Cuckold Creek can be viewed from the trail. Hikers, horses
and mountain bikers are welcome.
Passage to the Red, Blue, Yellow and White Trails requires the use of the Gray Trail to access. The White Trail requires
that hikers cross Steer Horn Neck Road. Orange Trail is accessible from the parking lot.
Trail: Woods paths, Field edges, Service roads and park roads
$3 donations are accepted via a donation box