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Little Bennett Park Trails
Location: The park is located east of MD 355 in the upper portion of Montgomery County. Take I-270 to Rt.
121/Clarksburg Road. Turn Lewisdale Rd. Turn Left onto Prescott Rd.
Trail Length/Surface: There are over 23 miles of natural surface trails meandering through the park.
Trail Characteristics: The trails located south of Hyattstown Mill Road are hiking only, while the trails north of Hyattstown
Mill Road are shared use (hikers, equestrians, cyclists).
Drinking Water: Yes, at campground.
Rest Rooms: Yes, at campground.
Access and parking: A parking lot for trail users is located at the Maintenance Yard along MD 355 just south of the
Campground Entrance. Limited parking is available along Clarksburg Road, Hyattstown Mill Road and Prescott Road.
Horse trailers should use the parking lot at Prescott Road.
Contact: Park Manager may be contacted at 301-972-6581.